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This program equips the student to effectively manage the business affairs within the local church or ministry operation.  The courses offered provide basic principles for effective and productive techniques in carrying out administrative tasks needed in the church.

Biblical Principles of Management
This course looks at biblical standards for managing programs, leadership, staff and volunteers in addition to managing the congregation’s and community’s needs.

Submission & Authority
This course will help students develop a scriptural understanding of submission to authority as God has ordained it.  Areas covered include both the home and the local church.

Ministerial Ethics
This course sets a standard of excellence in ethical conduct.  It exposes common ethical problems faced by ministers and provides preventive strategies for avoiding difficulties.

Principles of Leadership
This course helps students recognize, develop, and refine the personal characteristics necessary to be an effective leader.

This course is designed to acquaint students with the various aspects of incorporation including, but not limited to definition, purpose of incorporation, types of incorporation, advantages and disadvantages, how to incorporate, Board structure, fiduciary duties of the Board, by-laws, and recording of corporate minutes.

501 (C) (3) Status
This course is designed to acquaint students with what it means to have 501 designation. Students examine the various types of 501 organizations, the advantages & disadvantages, how to prepare your organization to meet 501 standards, and filing for 501 status.

Tax Guidelines for Churches and Religious Organizations          
Students learn what it means to have tax exempt status, how the tax exempt status may be jeopardized, how unrelated business affects the tax status, employment tax, special rules for compensation of ministers, payment of employee business expenses, recording requirements, filing requirements, charitable contributions, and special rules limiting IRS authority to audit churches.

Fundraising and Grant Writing
This course empowers Non-Profit Organizations in building a biblical community. “God’s work done God’s way to produce God’s results and you will never lack God’s resources.”

Accounting Software
Students will learn on the software system that the church they are working for is using.  They will be trained through that church or Christian organization.

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