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The major course of study in counseling equips the Christian to assist beyond the priestly responsibility given in scripture.  The offerings provide the tools necessary to assist individuals, families and groups cope with the crisis of life with the main goal being spiritual growth and a dependence on God.

Biblical Counseling I
This course introduces the student to the biblical basis for the counseling ministry.

Biblical Counseling II
This course is a continuation of Biblical Counseling I. This course gives special attention to the needs of hurting people and the biblical ways in which those needs are to be met.

Counseling With Scriptures
This course trains students in the necessary and appropriate use of Scripture as the foundation for all Christian counseling. Emphasis will be placed on gaining a balanced look at the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of the counselee.

Marriage and Family
This course introduces the student to the biblical pattern for marriage. The student will learn of the God ordained role for the husband/father and the wife/mother. This course goes on to teach the student on topics concerning the heart of commitment, family relations, and marriage and ministry.

Living Single
This course introduces the student to God’s designed plan for the single individual. The student will be instructed on how to assist singles through the problems that they may/will encounter in life, and how to assist singles in the areas of courtship and marriage preparation.

Challenging Issues in Biblical Counseling
This course provides the student with insight on how to assist counselees in fostering healthy relationships with others, how to overcome misbelief and destructive self-talk, insights on grief, its causes and effects.

Overcoming Abuse I
This course introduces the student to the different types of emotional abuse and the damaging effects that come along with them. The student will be trained on assisting victims in recognizing their abuse, assisting individuals in healing and restoration, and how to safeguard themselves from being entrapped in the future by emotional abuse.  

Overcoming Abuse II
This course is a continuation of Overcoming Abuse I. The student will be introduced to the different types of physical abuse and the danger that comes with them. The student will be taught on assisting those who are abused in the categories of, child abuse, sexual abuse, and spousal abuse.

Temperament Theory
The course provides students with the understanding of the different types of temperaments and insight into how to improve our daily interactions with others.

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