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This program will provide the necessary training to minister in a local congregation or educational environment to effectively teach children, youth, and adults.  The courses offered provide an in-depth study of Christian Education in conjunction with practical techniques to operate effectively in the teaching ministry.        

Principles of Teaching
This course provides practical instruction with the process and consideration of how to teach the Bible.  Topics covered include general lesson planning, presentation of scriptural truths, and evaluating student absorption.

Introduction to Christian Education
This course gives students an understanding of the philosophy of Christian education as contrasted with secular humanism.

Educational Psychology
This course provides a comprehensive study of the principles underlying the teaching-learning process.

Classroom Management
This course covers the application of educational theories in the classroom and the handling different management situations.

Educating Children & Youth
This course explores the characteristics and needs of the young child through adolescence including junior high, senior high, and older youth.

Congregational Teaching
This course focuses on the development of action-guiding models and guidelines to guide the teaching ministries in one’s own particular congregation.

Ministry of the Teacher
This course examines the character, ethics, and heart of the teacher.  Expectations and responsibilities of the teacher will also be reviewed.

Christian Literature
This course provides a study of the basic principles and approaches to literature from a Christian perspective.

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