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We are accredited through the Transworld Accrediting Commission International (TACI). Now in their 24th year, TACI accredits and assists Biblical theological schools, seminaries, universities, colleges, and institutes throughout the world. They provide supervision for over 100 member institutions, including major denominations and well-known world-wide ministries, in 23 states within the USA and 6 countries.

TACI is a professional, federally recognized, non-profit church educational organization whose philosophy is to demonstrate accountability to the consuming public for education obtained in non-traditional evangelical educational institutions. This accountability is demonstrated by institutions that are accredited by TACI, having documented evidence of compliance with TACI standards of structure and governance, material resources, policies, faculty and curriculum.

Grace & Truth Christian University has been authorized to operate and award degrees by the Florida Department of Education, Commission for Independent Education (CIE), in accordance with Chapter 1005, Section 1005.06(1)(f), Florida Statue.

As a Christian University, we offer academic programs designed to equip students who recognize the call of God on their lives.

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